July 31 - 2023

Camp at Los Cerros Gymnasium


Survival, archery, climbing, arts & crafts, dance, all sports, construction and mad scientist: our campers enjoyed an unforgettable summer! At the Los Cerros Gymnasium, excitement overflowed in every activity, from challenging each other in rock climbing to demonstrating marksmanship in archery. Friendships were strengthened as we shared laughs in the arts & crafts workshops and moved to the rhythm of the music in the dance sessions.

In Cambalés, teamwork was the key to face challenges in all sports and build amazing structures together. In addition, we immersed ourselves in the world of science through fun experiments like real mad scientists. Every moment was a roller coaster of emotions, leaving indelible memories in the hearts of our campers.

Join our Cerros family and experience fun and learning in the best summer camp in Bogota! ???????

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