February 24 - 2022

Entre-entrevistas, this was the presentation of Father Luis Miguel Bravo's book with Salud Hernández-Mora



The school chaplain, Luis Miguel Bravo, presented this Friday his new book entitled "Interview with Jesus Christ" in a pleasant talk with the journalist Salud Hernández-Mora.


More than a presentation, it was an interview between the two speakers where they talked and reflected on the bible, the church and life. In this talk, we were able to understand why the book is understood as an interview and its interest in resolving many questions that we all ask ourselves when thinking about our spirituality.

In an interview we will not always get the answers we are looking for, that is why we must investigate and research with the sources available to us. That is what the author did, exploring with his sources and documents to find answers, in this case it was the bible.

It is here where journalist Salud Hernandez-Mora comments her concern about the power of God as a scriptwriter of life because, she says, "the Egyptians seem to be punished by God, why do the Egyptians have to be the bad guys in the movie?" appealing to what happened with the seven plagues or a possible "cruelty" of God against them. To which Father Luis Miguel replies by saying that this is "an attempt by God to use a loudspeaker," a loudspeaker to call attention and warn about making choices in life.

It is important to always have a support for life, be it a book, a family member or God. The idea of asking questions is to get answers, so we should go straight to the source. In this case, the book helps to reflect and find possible answers to our doubts.

Lastly, Father commented that he is thinking of new projects related to writing, such as the publication of a second part of "Interview with Jesus Christ".

This talk serves as an approach to the critical and reflective thinking that the book promotes. The author's intention in capturing an idea of spirituality as the way to find answers and paths to the great questions of our lives is forged in the doubts that everyone has about religion. As Father Luis Miguel says, "life is a big question with many incomplete answers, but the important thing is to know who the answer is".

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