December 3 - 2021

CERMUN returns to the Cerros classrooms


The sixth edition of the Los Cerros Gymnasium Model United Nations - CERMUN VI - is approaching and will be held on December 3, 4 and 5 at the school's facilities. The academic and cultural activity that had been developed virtually last year resumes its functionality in person seeking to stimulate debate among young students.

The Model United Nations in Schools (MUN) will focus on the development of social, economic and political issues, as well as events and consequences of the 2020 pandemic. Óscar Julián González, tenth grade student and Academic Secretary of this edition, is enthusiastic about the return to the face-to-face model for the meeting and the category with which the debate was proposed.

How many students will attend this edition?

Oscar commented that "based on the success of the fifth edition of CERMUN, it is expected that the number of people involved in this new edition will not be left behind".

"There are about 160 participants for the model. Fifty of them are from Gimnasio de Los Cerros, and 30 from Aspaen Iragua. With the academic staff, logistics and press, 215 people are projected," said Oscar.

What will be the main issues to be discussed?

The United Nations model of the Los Cerros Gymnasium will focus on two thematic axes:

Current affairs, which will include eight topics:

  1. Post-pandemic sustainable economic recovery
  2. Environmental awareness, climate change and development of sustainable technologies
  3. Strengthening the role of democracy and citizen participation
  4. Gender equality in the child custody context
  5. Trafficking of illicit substances and risks to international security
  6. The impact of tax reforms in Colombian territory
  7. Public financing of political campaigns
  8. Mass legal firearms possession among the Colombian population

In addition, situations based on movies are also handled, such as the committees of "The Hunger Games" and an investigative committee based on a fictional story (GAEI).

All these questions, says Oscar, will be the common thread of a very fruitful day of debate and opinion.

What is expected from this CERMUN?

The opportunity to participate for the first time in such a serious academic activity is exciting for many students, so Oscar says, "We are very confident that it will be a successful model. We hope that people will have a very good academic growth, and that the personal experience will be unforgettable. Thus, the excitement and experience generated is supported by the fact that it is one of the first face-to-face UN models in Bogota.

How does it feel to return to the presentiality of the model?

"It is exciting, however, it also provokes fear and a sense of heaviness with respect to planning. As I mentioned earlier, it is one of the first fully face-to-face UN models (and academic events) coming out of the pandemic in Bogota. However, the excitement returns when we realize that what face-to-face promises, in terms of experience and academic level, is excellent".

What differentiates the Cerros model from other models?

"You want to take it to a real level, where it's not just an academic experience, but one that helps delegates learn the importance of the quality of human in it."

Which schools will students come from?

Students will come from 10 different schools (not including Cerros), the schools that accepted the CERMUN VI challenge are:

  • Aspaen Gimnasio Iragua
  • Santa Maria School
  • Women's Gymnasium
  • Marymount College
  • Los Caobos Gymnasium
  • Modern Gymnasium
  • San Carlos College
  • Los Tréboles School
  • La Montaña Gymnasium
  • The English School
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