November 10 - 2016

Athletes from Los Cerros participated in the Intisana International Cup


From October 21 to 28, the "Intisana International Cup" was held to celebrate the school's 50th anniversary. The sports competitions were held in the city of Quito, Ecuador. Six delegations from Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador participated in this Cup. The Los Cerros delegation was made up of 28 students and 3 teachers.

We congratulate our delegation for their participation, dedication and dedication in the different sports disciplines.

Honor Roll



11-a-side soccer

Third place

Table Tennis

Third place individual with José Gabriel Tovar


Gold medal in long jump: Federico Bettin Ospina 7B.

Silver medal in the 4 x 80 meter team relay.

Bronze medal combined relay.

Silver Medal 80 meters flat: Santiago Rodríguez Velosa 9A.

Silver Medal 1200 meters: Germán Eduardo López Correa 7A.

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