May 31 - 2018

At the Los Cerros Coliseum, the students of the class of 2018 were honored.


In an academic event held at the coliseum, parents, students, directors, faculty and other employees gathered to pay tribute to the graduating class of 2018.

During the academic ceremony, different distinctions and awards were presented, among them, the Saber 11 Tests to the eleventh grade students.

In addition, the Colombian flag and the Los Cerros Gymnasium flag were presented to the eleventh and tenth grade students, respectively.

At the end, the students of both grades gave some speeches of thanks to the directors, teachers and other employees of the school.

"To the graduating class of 2018: You made it! After thirteen years of laughter, games, study and memories, you have culminated the first stage of your academic life. I can tell you that I know you are destined for great things, thanks to the fact that I have had the opportunity to know all of you, if not most of you. I am proud to offer them warm congratulations for having left the school's name at the top, whether in academics, sports or, simply and simply, in ethics and morals", said Juan Antonio Velázquez, from the tenth grade, to the outgoing graduating class.

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