March 3 - 2021

Alumni Cerros wins National University's Ponce de León Award


This is Juan Ángelo Vargas, a graduate of the 2014 graduating class of Gimnasio de Los Cerros, who received the Manuel Ponce de León award after finishing his mechanical engineering degree at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with a cumulative grade point average of 4.7, the highest of the faculty in 2020. The award is granted by the Colombian Society of Engineers and recognizes the most outstanding graduate of that faculty.

In a conversation we had with him a few days ago, he shared with us: "Cerros helped me to have a good academic base and a study rhythm that helped me a lot during the first semesters. However, I believe that beyond the academic teachings, there were others, such as trying to improve every day to be able to give the best of myself, which helped me to be calm with the results obtained during the whole career and, in this way, to obtain this recognition".

At the end, he wanted to extend a message of motivation for the generations who aspire to succeed like him: "First of all, to have confidence in themselves, to rely on their families, friends and colleagues and, finally, to strive for their dreams, always trying to be happy".

From Cerros, and with great pride, we extend our warmest congratulations to Juan Angelo and his family for their achievement.

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