August 17 - 2021

Alumni Cerros wins Bronze in international mathematics olympiad


Daniel Pinedo González, a graduate of Gimnasio de Los Cerros in the class of 2019, won the Bronze medal in the International Mathematics Competition for University Students, which was held virtually from August 2 to 8.Daniel is a student of Mathematics and Philosophy at the National University and hopes to continue accumulating awards in this "sporty" way of living numbers.

"I feel very happy to have represented Colombia and to be part of this podium," were Daniel's words after his recent award. "Something I am very grateful to the school is that it trained me and allowed me to always participate in the national mathematics olympiads," said the young man.

Daniel also emphasizes that teachers played a very important role in his performance in this discipline: "The teachers always helped me to go beyond".

However, this is not the only international "glory" that Alumni Cerros brings together this year, as Daniel was the Colombian delegate to guide four high school students in the Central American and Caribbean Mathematical Olympiad for high school students. There he was an international jury member, graded the tests, directed the training sessions and they won the bronze medal in the aforementioned games.

We congratulate Daniel for his new achievement, knowing that more will follow throughout his professional career.


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