December 11 - 2018

A visit full of Solidarity and Social Responsibility


Last Tuesday, November 27, the Los Cerros Gymnasium had the pleasant visit of the Provida Foundation, a foundation that works with older adults in vulnerable conditions.

"Provida would like to thank the Los Cerros Gymnasium for the invitation to our seniors.

On this day, the seniors had the opportunity to get to know the school, share with the eleventh grade students and the entire educational community. This activity awakened very special feelings in the adults, due to the welcome, attention, special treatment, the details they received, disposition, kindness, respect and affection.

These activities allow us to give the elderly spaces to strengthen their self-esteem and spirit, generating confidence in them. All of this contributes to our mission of making this important stage of old age much more pleasant. As a foundation we can only say thank you.

We know the effort that was made to make this activity have such a good result, as was the happiness and smile that remained in the memory of each senior citizen.

Infinite thanks to you and to God for allowing us to generate these links. We sincerely hope to be able to carry out more activities like these, generating an impact on young people who are the future of this country, and giving recognition to such an important stage as old age", commented Provida's "Campaign with Children (Paco)" team.

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