February 19 - 2021

A new tree in the Amazon rainforest thanks to Cerros


At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, our commitment to the environment is a priority. That is why, in addition to our eco-bottle recycling campaign, we have also joined forces with Phidias and Saving The Amazon to reforest the rainforest in the south of the country.

With the help of Phidias, we planted a tree on behalf of our community in the Amazon rainforest of Vaupés on the western side of the river that bears the same name as the department. Specifically, our tree is located at the coordinates: N°01°10'30.8'' W°070°00'52.4'' and can be viewed from the Saving The Amazon website with code 79360.

"By planting this tree we are honoring the name of Cerros and prolonging its existence, helping the planet in the fight against the climate crisis," says Daniel Gutiérrez, director of the Saving The Amazon Foundation.

In addition, the planting of this plant was done together with the indigenous people of the Tayazu community, great innovators of modern and ancestral construction in Vaupés and the Amazon. In this way we also support the prevalence of our Colombian culture.

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